Clan Views of the Tremere

Yes . . . ah, the other Clans. These confused groups present Thou with a textbook example which verifies the saying "Not all that is Old is good." They believe themselves to be superior to Us, ach, how blind they are. Sunt pueri pueri, pueri puerilia tractant. When Thine study of these Clans are done, You will see clearly why We have joined the Camarilla; In a gathering of fools, the Wise Man will have time to get away. Now I will delay Thine studies no further, and give Thou the time needed to familiarize Thyself with the Cainites around us.

Clan Assamite: The Clan of the Hunt
Clan Brujah: The Learned Clan
Followers of Set: The Snake Clan
Clan Gangrel: The Clan of the Beast
Clan Giovanni: The Clan of Death
Clan Lasombra: The Night Clan
Clan Malkavian: The Moon Clan
Clan Nosferatu: The Clan of the Hidden
Clan Ravnos: The Wanderer Clan
Clan Toreador: The Clan of the Rose
Clan Tzimisce: The Clan of Shapers
Clan Ventrue: The Kingship Clan
Other Clans/Bloodlines: The Rabble

The Clans of Caine

Of course, the other Clans perpetuate Rumors about the Tremere

Since the Tremere are almost universally distrusted by the other clans, it is natural that there are rumors continually surfacing about the Tremere on every subject imaginable. The following are some of the more interesting and/or prevalent stories:
    • Tremere himself, still sleeping, has grown a third eye on his forehead.
    • Tremere often exchanges his mind with that of various councilors, so that he may see through their eyes and, presumably, control their actions.
    • Clan members who are called before the Council in Vienna are devoured by Tremere himself.
    • Tremere has gone completely insane and is magically bound in the catacombs of the Vienna chantry, for the safety of others or perhaps for his own protection.
    • Tremere ordered Goratrix to infiltrate the Sabbat. The clan's long-range plans include control of both the Camarilla and the Sabbat.
    • The Giovanni have planted spies in the Tremere clan, perhaps to learn the secrets of Thaumaturgy to add to their Necromancy.
    • A mysterious Tremere elder known as St. Germain has perfected an elixir which removes the need for blood. He guards this secret jealously and only manufactures the potion for those he deems to be worthy.
    • What lies in Tremere's coffin is no longer a sleeping Kindred, but a huge, disgusting white worm. A variation on this rumor claims that it isn't actually a worm, but a chrysalis similar to that of a caterpillar; and there is no telling what sort of hideous transformation Tremere may be undergoing.
This last rumor is particularly outlandish, and it is difficult to see how it could have any basis in fact. Only Etrius goes to see the sleeping Tremere, and it is hard to imagine the ever-loyal councilor allowing such a fact to leak out. Still, the appearance of this worm, if it is there, might indeed have been enough to startle Etrius into seeking help in the wrong places.

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